What is a WIKI anyway?

A wiki is a collaborative website, where more than one person can easily add to the site. The most famous example of this is Wikipedia where knowledge is shared, extended, disputed, corrected....ad infinitum.
Challenge: Where do you think the name Wiki is derived from? Put your guess in the discussion forum above. No cheating. Then go to Wikipedia and find out the history of Wikis.
There are several tools for creating wikis - wikispaces that we are presently using is just one of them. But they all pretty much work the same way. You can set permissions as to who is allowed to modify your space - it can be public, restricted, or private. Our wiki is public in that anyone can view it, but restricted in that only members (the ICT Best Practice Group) can edit and modify pages.

Wikis worth checking out: (add more as you discover them)
The Connected Classroom
Open Web Publishing

Web2.0 Challenge:
Click here to go to the Wiki Playground, and start creating your new page.