On your marks, get set, GO...

You can do any or all of these activities, in any order, and there is a prize for the teacher who finishes the Web2.0 Challenge first. Make sure you use the discussion forum (tab above) to document your progress... that is, let us know how you go: Providing handy tips for other teachers perhaps? What you learnt? How you can apply these new skills to your teaching? Or what a waste of time it has been.

  1. Sound recording. Follow the instructions here and make a short recording using Windows Built-in Sound recorder. Save and email it to cath.mckay@ntschools.net
  2. Audacity. Follow instructions here and make a short recording using Audacity. Export it as an mp3 and email to cath.mckay@ntschools.net
  3. Blogs. Create a blog at edublogs.org
  4. Wikis Add to this Wiki in the Wiki Playground. Or create your own wikispaces site at http://www.wikispaces.com
  5. Podcasting. Create and publish a podcast on your blog.
  6. del.ici.ous. Create a del.ici.ous account and start bookmarking relevant sites
  7. Flickr - explore images you can use under the Creative Commons licence. Flickr tools.

to be continued...