Using Audacity - the basics

Audacity is a free software program for both PC and Mac. Download the software here
You will also need to download the MP3 plugin LAME file here

View the online manual including explanation of tools and menus and basic editing here

Before you start

  1. Download the software and the MP3 LAME plugin
  2. Create a folder on your computer and call it Audacity files
  3. Copy the lame_enc.dll file that you have downloaded into this folder.
  4. Open Audacity and click File/Save Project As
  5. Name and save your project in your Audacity folder.
  6. Click Edit/Preferences
  7. Under Audio I/O choose your headset or the correct audio devices under Playback and Recording
  8. Under File Formats click Make a copy of the file before editing, and next to MP3 Export Setup click Find Library, click Yes to locate the file now, and browse to your Audacity folder and choose the lame_enc.dll file
  9. Click OK

You are now ready to start recording

Watch the following video for basic steps in recording and exporting as an mp3. After pressing play right-click on the video and select Zoom/Full Screen.

Next steps

You can add music or sound effects to your voice track, or perform some basic effects editing such as fade in and out. Remember to browse the many Audacity tutorials online - just google "Audacity tutorials" or click on the following link for a comprehensive online tutorial: